NTCA is a platform to award, honor and recognize outstanding talents and potentials in the country among teens,youths and very important personalities. Below is a lay down of the Nomination Criteria for NTCA 2017. You should be read it carefully:

  • You have to be a Citizen of Nigeria.
  • This is an Open Nomination, so anyone who is outstanding or deserves recognition can stand up for nomination.

NTCA Nomination is opened for those who are worthy of honor & recognized in the various listed categories. Teenagers are recognized, youths can also be nominated by their peers. Upcoming celebrities/stars can also be nominated for their achievements. You have to be between the ages of 15-25. Below are criteria for nominating anyone for the various categories:

NTCA Nomination Criteria

Music Category:

  • The Person/Nominee must either be an artist either upcoming or famous, producer, singer, DJ and a good vocalist.
  • Nominee must have atleast produced or recorded a content or taken part in the specific field of interest.
  • Nominee must be passionate about what they stand for
  • Nominee should have created awareness for their various works or content

Media & Entertainment Category:

  • Nominee must have interest or something to do in the Media field.
  • Nominee should be active on social media platforms.
  • Nominee should be Creative and Outstanding.
  • Nominee should have a drive and passion toward media.
  • Nominee going into the Entertainment field must have been involved with several or atleast one entertainment activity.

 Fashion & Style Category:

  • Nominee should be dedicated to fashion & style.
  • For Fashion designer; Nominee must have at least a work or design made by them to show for and showcase
  • Nominee must understand the fashion world.
  • Nominee should have passion, uniqueness and zeal for fashion & style.
  • Nominee should have a good dress and fashion sense.
  • For Model Category; Nominee must have been involved in modelling activities or have a portfolio established.

Sport Category:

  • Nominee should be involved in at least (2) sporting activity.
  • Nominee should be passionate about sport.
  • Nominee should have knowledge about sport.
  • Nominee should have a leadership and sporting spirit.

Individual Personality Category:

  • Nominee should be a role model to both Teens & Youth.
  • Nominee should be Outstanding.
  • Nominee should posses charisma, and leadership qualities.
  • Nominee should be bold and good in public speaking.
  • Nominee must have contributed to the development of his or her community.

Social Achievement Category:

  • Nominee should be socially recognised.
  • Nominee should stand out.
  • Nominee should be or must have made a huge impact to the society.
  • Nominee should be a role model.
  • Nominee should be unique and creative.
  • Nominee should be influential.
  • Nominee must have made significant achievements in the past year.

 Please Note:

With respect to NTCA Nomination Criteria, those seeking for nominations should take note of the following:

  • If Nominees fulfill all requirements, then it increases the chance of their entries being collated and shortlisted.
  • Whoever doesn’t fulfill all the requirement has the least chance of making the final list.
  • There must also be a visible proof of work, either in pictures, audio, web etc.
  • NTCA Nomination is 100% Credible. NO Favoritism and NO Bias
  • NTCA Believes in QUALITY and not QUANTITY.
  • NTCA Believes and Showcases REAL and OUTSTANDING talents/potentials.
  • Nomination starts on the 10th of June 2017, and end on 30th of June 2017.

For More Details about Nomination, Email us at: info@ntcawards.org Follow us on Twitter @theNTCAwards, Find us on Instagram @thentcawards.

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