Nomination Criteria


NTCA is a Platform to Award, Honour and Recognize Outstanding Talents and Potentials in the Country Amongst Teens, Youths and Very Important Personalities. Below is a lay down of Nomination Criteria which should be read carefully:

  • You have to be a Citizen of Nigeria.
  • This is an Open Nomination, So anyone who is outstanding or feels deserves to be recognised can stand up for Nomination.
  • NTCA Nomination is opened for those who deserve to be honoured in the various listed categories.
  • Teenagers are been Recognized.
  • The Youth can be Recognized and Nominated by their Peers and Teenagers
  • Upcoming Celebrities/ Stars can be nominated for their achievements.
  • You have to be between the age of 15-25

For the Following Categories:

For Music Category: To Be Nominated in the following music categories:

  1. The Person/Nominee must either be an Artist either upcoming or famous, Producer, Singer, DJ and a Good Vocalist.

  2. The Artist/Nominee Nominee Must have at least ONE SONG that has been Produced and recorded.

  3. Also the Artist/Singer Nominee must have created awareness for the song.

  4.  Lastly the Artist Must Have Great Passion for Music.

  5. A Well Known Artist, Upcoming Artist or Rising Artist can Qualify for Nomination

  6. The DJ Nominee must have a Mix and must have displayed his or her talent

  7. The Producer must be GOOD and has produced music content

  8. The Nominee should be Passionate.

o   For Fashion Category: To Be Nominated for the Above Category:

  1. The Nominee Must Either be or Aspiring to become a Fashion Designer, Make Up Artist, Stylist and More on the above Nomination categories.

  2.  The Nominee Must have  and should have at least a DESIGN, STYLE or WORKS  Made by Him or Her. Also the Person needs to be Passionate about it.

  3. The Nominee(Make Up Artist) should be active in the make up passion

  4. The Make Up Artist Nominee Must have done a make up job for clients.

  5. The Nominee in the (Model Category) should be a model and Must have participated in Modelling activities.

  6. Passion is Required(The Nominee should be passionate)

o   For Media Category: To be Nominated for the Above Category:

 The Nominee must have something to do with Media or Entertainment

  1.  Must have been involved in a Media or Entertainment works, and gained relevant experience.

  2. The Nominee should have the Passion for their talents

  3. Nominees could either have an active TV Channel, YouTube Channel, Blog, Social Media Channel etc.

o   For Art Category: To be Nominated for the Above Category:

  1.  The Nominee needs to be Nominated for the listed categories

  2.  Nominee Must have his or her work showcased and brought out publicly

  3.  The Nominee should have an idea of the specific category

  4.  The Nominee should be passionate about their potentials

  5. Nominees should consider themselves talented before applying for the category.

o   For Sport Category:

  1.  Nominees must have a passion for Sport

  2.  Nominee must be Athletic

  3. Must know how to play more than TWO(2) Sporting Activities.

  4. Nominee should be active

o   For Personality Category:

  1. Nominee Must have an Outstanding Personality

  2. Should be a Role model to their peers

  3.  Nominees should have something unique and different from other people making them real and natural

o   For Social Achievement Category:

  1.  The Nominee must have done something unique

  2.  Should be Outstanding and should stand out

  3. The Nominee must have either given back to the society

  4. Also Nominee must have achieved alot during the year.

Please Note:

With respect to NTCA Nomination Criteria, those seeking for nominations should take note of the following:

  1. If Nominees fulfill all requirements, then it increases the chance of their entries being collated and shortlisted.
  2. Whoever doesn’t fulfill all the requirement has a lower chance of making the final list by NTCA.
  3. NTCA Nomination is 100% Credible. NO Favoritism and NO Bias
  4. NTCA Believes in QUALITY and not QUANTITY.
  5. NTCA Believes and Showcases REAL and OUTSTANDING talents/potentials.

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