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Nominations are over, but guess what??

Nominations are officially over... But guess what happened, in less than one week we recorded over 12000 nominations. The nomination entries are closed. Our people are collating, stay glued, as the final nominee list will be out shortly. Get Ready to be Unleashed!!...

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Nomination Criteria for NTCA 2018

NTCA is a platform to award, honor and recognize outstanding talents and potentials in the country among teens,youths and very important personalities. Below is a lay down of the Nomination Criteria for NTCA 2018. You should be read it carefully: You have to be a...

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NTCA 2018 Nomination Entries Begins Shortly

NTCA2018 Nomination Entries Begins Shortly. Who would you be Nominating this year? Get ReAdy!!! It’s that time of the year again, NTCA Nominations is in full swing. Where those with outstanding potentials and talents would gain massive recognition and get showcased to...

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